Question 1. If I change my camera model ?

If you change your skydive photo camera, you can preserve your previous investment.

Only you have to update is your Ultimate Switch™ Plug & wire model. We have a lot of different models.

For example: in the future, if you change your Digital Camera (Canon 1200D to Sony NEX or Canon Pro 60D), all you have to do is buy a new Ultimate Switch™ plug and wire for your new camera and you are all set.

Question 2. How to install the Ultimate Switch™

The Ultimate Switch™ skydive blow switch consists of 3 units (parts):

1 Camera plug with wire and terminals
1 Ultra Light Pressure Switch
1 Black silicone tube/hose 60cm

With these individual parts, you have a very easy installation a nice and discreet look on your skydive helmet setup. The Ultimate Switch™ placement: you can use a double-coated foam tape that adheres and shapes to a wide variety of surfaces. (example: 3M Scotch® Mounting Tape).

The Ultimate Switch™ may remain installed inside the helmet at all times.

The plug & wire part can be installed anywhere. You don’t need to drill a big hole on your helmet like other installation kits require. Hole size: a 6/7mm hole is enough to route the cable/terminals in to the helmet. The hose/tube is the easiest part to install :) If you have any question contact us please.

Question 3. The camera don't trigger !

Verify if is fully plugged, plug camera and Ultimate Switch™ device;

If the camera is on;
Sets camera power off time, this is the amount of "idle time" before the camera powers it self off. Some skydive photographers forget to setup this menu;
Batteries are good and if the battery door is closed;
Lens cap off, and other common sense operation stuff by camera manufacture.

Question 4. Why Ultimate Switch (blow switch) ?

Witch a Ultimate Switch (blow switch) kit, you only buy one switch on your cameraflyer lifelong.

No problems with rubber sealed like on other skydive switch, like bite swich, tongue switch or all switch that you can put insite your mouth.

Just blow ;)

Question 5. Shipping ?

International Parcel Tracking
Shipping Company Correios de Portugal (CTT).

International Parcel Tracking website (suggestion).

Track parcels/shipments with companies like UPS, DHL, TNT and FedEx.
In addition special services for air cargo, containers and post Parcel.

Use the number we send you after order shipping confirmation (Example: RC49563456PT) Copy & Paste to the Post/EMS box, and Track!