How it works ?

Now you can trigger your consumer or professional Digital Photo Camera shutter with this new hand-free remote shutter release. Designed for skydive photographers and cameraflyers around the world.

The Skydive Ultimate Switch™ is ultra-compact device. 60% less volume then your audible altimeter (VISO II, Optima,Pro-track, Solo and others). You can place it anywhere inside the helmet, it will not bother you!

The Skydive Ultimate Switch™ is compatible with all SLR Photo cameras. You can find your Skydive Ultimate Switch™ Kit on our online store and in the near future at your DZ gear shop! It is designed so you don't have to use or cut your actual wire or plug, preserving your previous investment.

For example: in the future, if you change your Digital Camera (Canon EOS 1300D to Sony A6300 or Canon EOS 5D Mark II), all you have to do is switch to a new Skydive Ultimate Switch™ Plug & Wire for your new camera and you are all set.

The Skydive Ultimate Switch™ Kit is a ready-to-use device.

To trigger your camera, you simply blow lightly in to the small silicone hose (tube) that you route down to your lips. Short puffs into the hose fire off single shots while a constant light blowing pressure will keep continuous shooting.