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Canon Ultimate Switch EOS Professional



Canon EOS 1D C  / Canon EOS 1D X /Canon EOS 7D / Canon EOS 1V / Canon EOS 3 / Canon EOS 1D / Canon EOS 1DS / Canon EOS 1DS MARE II / EOS 1DS MARK IV / Canon EOS 10D / Canon EOS 20D / Canon EOS 30D / Canon EOS 40D / Canon EOS 5D Mark III/ Canon EOS D30 / Canon EOS D50 / Canon EOS D60

Plug for this model

Kit includes

Exclusive Electronic Utimate Switch™
Wire & plug

Techical Details:

Dimensions - 25mm (w) x 25 mm (h) x 9 mm (d)
Weight: 62 grams (all kit)

More info on Utimate Switch™ website -

Utimate Switch™ user and installation manual

Utimate Switch™ product photos


How it works ?

Now you can trigger your consumer or professional Digital Photo Camera shutter with this new hands-free remote shutter release.

The Ultimate Switch™ is ultracompact and ready-to-use. 60% less size them your audible altimeter (Pro-ditter, Pro-track, Solo, etc). So you can put anywhere inside the helmet.

To trigger your camera, you simply blow lightly into the small silicone hose (tube) that you route down to your lips. Short puffs into the hose fire off single shots while a constant blowing pressure will yield continuous shooting.

The Ultimate Switch™ is compatible with all SLR cameras, you can find your Kit on store. So you don't have to use your actual wired and plug, preserving your previews investment.

If you chance or camera system (model or manufacture) only you have to do is put a new plug & wire, find at online store square parts or distributor.

The Utimate Switch™ is a ready-to-use new product, just a few personal adjustments, connections and is ready to work.

This Ultimate Switch have a delivery time of 15/20 days.

  • Model: SUS001002

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